COAS thanks all participants for their video messages on #PakDay and Pakistani Media for making #HumSabKaPakistan Campaign a success. (@OfficialDGISPR) Assist Punjab Rangers in operations. Report suspicious activity / information related to terrorism in Punjab direct to Punjab Rangers on following.. Call: 04299220030/99221230 SMS: 03408880047 WhatsApp: 03408880100 Email: [email protected] Postal Address: Headquarters Pakistan Rangers Punjab. 33 Ghazi Road Lahore General Public is requested to report any suspicious activity in Punjab, Balochistan and Sind regarding terrorists at universal no 1135 and for KPK at 1125. These numbers can be dialed directly without any code from mobile or PTCL No.

Operation Zarb-e-Azb

Video Collection

Barood Sy Marty Nahein Nazriye (Download)
Long Live Pakistan (Download)
Mery Dushman (Download)
Passing the Batton (Download)
Dhol Sipahiyah (Download)
Chadar Hay Maa Ki (Download)
Maa Tera Baita (Download)
Yeh Tumhari Marzi Ka Islam Nahi Hai. (Download)
Ab Tum ZarbeAzb Daikho (Download)
Sirf Aman Bachay Ga (Zarb-i-Azb) (Download)
Sun Sakhiye... (Download)
Tum Ye Kaisy Kar Lyty Ho (Download)
1 NWA IDPs (Download)
2 NWA IDPs (Download)
3 NWA IDPs (Download)
4 NWA IDPs (Download)
5 NWA IDPs (Download)
1 Operation Footage (Download)
2 Operation Footage (Download)
3 Operation Footage (Download)
COAS visit Air HQ (Download)
PM visit Bannu (Download)
Namaz-e-Jinaza Sep Amir Shaheed (Download)
Namaz-e-Jinaza (Download)
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The fresh wave of terrorism, particularly the deadly terrorists’ attacks in Lahore and Sehwan Sharif, has forced the government to launch a countrywide security operation against militants, their facilitators and sanctuaries.

The campaign – Radd-ul-Fasaad – having major focus on urban centers, is believed to be long anticipated and needed too; following the purging from militants the ‘peripheries’ particularly the tribal areas and adjoining districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in the hard-fought military actions.Read More

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