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Navy Press Release
Karachi - September 23, 2017: 

Pakistan Navy is conducting the premier Maritime Security Workshop (MARSEW) on the theme “Secure Seas – Prosperous Pakistan” at Pakistan Navy War College, Lahore. Two weeks duration MARSEW, commenced on 11 Sep 17, with an aim to create maritime awareness, enlighten the participants on vast maritime potential of Pakistan and its significance for overall economic growth of the country.

Stretched over two weeks, Maritime Security Workshop comprised one week on-campus activities and one week visits of Pakistan Navy installations and units at Karachi, Creeks and Coastal areas and other National Maritime Installations / Setups. 

The second phase commenced on 18 Sep 17. The participants of the delegation included members of Senate, National Assembly, Provinces, Media, Educationists and Bureaucrats.

At Karachi, the delegation visited Fleet Headquarters, Pakistan Navy Dockyard, Karachi Shipyard and Engineering Works (KS&EW), HQ Pakistan Maritime Security Agency (PMSA), Karachi Port Trust (KPT), Pakistan National Shipping Corporation (PNSC) and Sindh Fisheries Department. A comprehensive briefing was given to the delegation on the emerging contemporary challenges in the region and Pakistan Navy's role in safeguarding the country's maritime interests and roles of various PN Commands. The participants were briefed on the ship & submarine repair capabilities and indigenization programmes of Pakistan Navy. The delegation also boarded Pakistan Navy Ships and witnessed sea based exercises off Karachi Coast.

Later, a visit of forward bases of Pakistan Navy in Creeks area was also arranged for the delegation where Commander Pak Marines gave a detailed briefing on strategic and economic importance of the area, prevailing challenges and roles of Pak Marines. Later, the delegation had a trip to the creeks area on PN Hovercraft.

 Upon arrival at coastal areas, the delegation undertook a detailed visit of Jinnah Naval Base Ormara, where they were briefed on various developmental projects of the Base. The delegation was briefed on the nation building initiatives along the Makran coast and PN efforts aimed at socio-economic uplift of Baloch populace along the coastal belt. During the visit of Cadet College Ormara, the delegation members were apprised of the facilities being provided by Pakistan Navy to the cadets and college’s planned developments so as to make it a premier training institution on the Makran coast.

The members of delegation also visited to 100 bed Pakistan Navy Hospital PNS DARMAN JAH and they were apprised that PN is extending free medical facilities to the locals and coastal community.

 In the last leg of the visit, participants of Maritime Security Workshop visited Gwadar Port. The delegation was briefed about the importance of the port for the CPEC project and the effective measures PN has taken for the Maritime components of CPEC project including security of the port and its seaward approaches.

The participants of the delegation expressed satisfaction over PN's operational preparedness, of CPEC and Gwadar port projects and nation building efforts and highly lauded PN’s strenuous efforts and initiatives for safeguarding the maritime interests of Pakistan.

The delegation also visited Naval Headquarters Islamabad and was briefed on PN roles and tasks in safeguarding the sea frontiers of Pakistan. Two weeks Maritime Security Workshop will culminate at Pakistan Navy War College on 25 Sep17.


A group photo of participants of First maritime security workshop at Jinnah Naval Base, Ormara during the second phase of the workshop

The participants of First Maritime Security workshop waves to crew of a PN Ship operating in North Arabian Sea during their visit to sea as aprt of the second phase

The participants of First Maritime Security workshop witness boarding operation by PN Helo in North Arabian Sea as part of the second phase of the workshop

The participants of First Maritime Security workshop witness PN Missile Boat operating in North Arabian Sea as part of the second phase of the workshop 

Navy Press Release
Karachi - September 23, 2017: 

In an impressive display of fire power, Pakistan Navy undertook Live Weapon Firing in the North Arabian Sea. Chief of the Naval Staff Admiral Muhammad Zakaullah witnessed the event and praised the combat readiness of the fleet.

 In this striking demonstration of fire power, Pakistan Navy Helicopter Seaking launched Air to Surface Anti-ship Missile which successfully hit the intended target with pinpoint accuracy, reaffirming weapon’s lethality and  offensive punch of the PN Fleet. The successful firing by PN Helicopter Seaking is reflective of high state of readiness and professionalism of PN Fleet. Chief of the Naval Staff visited various fleet units at sea and witnessed ongoing exercises.

 Chief of the Naval Staff Admiral Muhammad Zakaullah expressed his complete satisfaction on the combat readiness of PN Fleet and commended the efforts put in by all involved. The Naval Chief specially appreciated professionalism and high morale of the personnel. He reaffirmed the resolve of Pakistan Navy to ensure country’s seaward defence and safeguard maritime interests at all cost.


An Anti ship missile being launched by PN Seaking Helicopter at North Arabian Sea

Chief of the Naval Staff Admiral M Zakaullah and other senior officers of Pak Navy witnessing the launching of Air to Surface missile by PN Helicopter from PN Ship

Chief of the Naval Staff Admiral M Zakaullah waving to the crew of PN ships who are part of a Fleet review being presented to the Admiral at North Arabian Sea

The Air to surface missile launched by PN Seaking Helicopter hitting the target accurately

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