♦Information♦ ISPR now maintains @OfficialDGISPR as its single official account. Another @ISPR_Official earlier maintained has been merged/closed by ISPR into same. Now any other account with ISPR tag would be fake. COAS expresses his grief on sad demise of ex Air Chief, Air Marshal Asghar Khan, Retired. An iconic soldier who will be remembered for his historic contributions for laying foundations of a strong Pakistan Air Force. May Allah bless his soul-Amen. @OfficialDGISPR Assist Punjab Rangers in operations. Report suspicious activity / information related to terrorism in Punjab direct to Punjab Rangers on following.. Call: 04299220030/99221230 SMS: 03408880047 WhatsApp: 03408880100 Email: [email protected] Postal Address: Headquarters Pakistan Rangers Punjab. 33 Ghazi Road Lahore General Public is requested to report any suspicious activity in Punjab, Balochistan and Sind regarding terrorists at universal no 1135 and for KPK at 1125. These numbers can be dialed directly without any code from mobile or PTCL No.

Press Release
Rawalpindi - August 14, 2011: 

The President of Pakistan has been pleased to grant the Military awards to the following officers and men of Pakistan Army.
Following officers and men have been conferred with Sitara-i-Basalat, Captain Muhammad Jehanzeb Khan (Shaheed), Punjab Regiment, Captain Raja Farhan Ali (Shaheed), Punjab Regiment, Naib Subedar Naseem Khan (Shaheed), CMI, Lance Naik Manthar Ali (Shaheed), Sind Regiment.
 Following officers and men have been awarded with Tamgha-i-Basalat, Colonel Mohammad Azeem Khan, Azad Kashmir Regiment, Major Khalid Akhtar (Late), Air Defence, Captain Hassan Abid (Shaheed), Artillery, Captain Kaleem Ullah Khan Nasar, Artillery, Subedar Aurang Zeb (Shaheed) , FC, Subedar Akhtar Shah (Shaheed) , FC, Subedar Muhammad Ayan (Shaheed), FC, Naib Subedar Mehmood Akbar (Shaheed), Azad Kashmir Regiment, Havildar Muhammad Javid (Shaheed), FC, Havildar Liaqat Ali, Punjab Regiment, Havildar Muhammad Umar Farooq, Baloch Regiment, Lance Havildar Saif Ur Rehman Khan, Frontier Force Regiment, Lance Havildar Amanat Ali (Shaheed), Sind Regiment, Naik Sher Muhammad (Shaheed), FC, Naik Muhammad Rahim (Shaheed) , FC, Naik Naveed Akram, Engineers, Naik Muhammad Yasin (Shaheed), Punjab Regiment, Naik Muhammad Younas (Shaheed), Frontier Force Regiment, Naik Muhammad Abbas (Shaheed), Azad Kashmir Regiment, Lance Naik Zarwali Khan (Shaheed), FC, Lance Naik Naseer Ahmad (Shaheed), FC, Lance Naik Muhammad Ali Turi (Shaheed), FC, Lance Naik Gul Nawab  (Shaheed) , FC , Lance Naik Adeel Akhtar (Shaheed), Punjab Regiment, Lance Naik Nadeem (Shaheed), Artillery, Sepoy Falak Niyaz  (Shaheed) , FC, Sepoy Abdul Shakoor (Shaheed), FC, Sepoy Sami Ur Rehman (Shaheed), FC, Sepoy Juma Gul (Shaheed), FC, Sepoy Munir Zaman (Shaheed) , FC, Sepoy Ihsan Ullah (Shaheed) , FC, Sepoy Muhammad Ali (Shaheed), FC, Sepoy Abdul Baqi Jan (Shaheed), FC, Sepoy Muhammad Ahsan (Shaheed), Engineers, Sepoy Tauqeer Amanat (Shaheed), Engineers, Sepoy Muhammad Sajid (Shaheed), Engineers, Sepoy Muhammad Yasin, Engineers, Sepoy Muhammad Rizwan (Shaheed), Engineers, Sepoy Tehseen Ullah (Shaheed), Engineers, Sepoy Riaz Ahmed (Shaheed), Punjab Regiment, Sepoy Zahoor Ahmad (Shaheed), Punjab Regiment, Sepoy Asad Ali (Shaheed), Punjab Regiment, Sepoy Syed Basharat Hussain Shah (Shaheed), Punjab Regiment, Sepoy Naimat Shah (Shaheed), Punjab Regiment, Sepoy Usman Ali (Shaheed), Punjab Regiment, Sepoy Ashraf Ali (Shaheed), Northern Light Infantry, Sepoy Mehdi Hassan (Shaheed), Northern Light Infantry, Sepoy Muhammad Nazir (Shaheed), Northern Light Infantry, Sepoy Shakoor (Shaheed), Northern Light Infantry, Sepoy Muhammad Azam (Shaheed), Frontier Force Regiment, Sepoy Noor Ul Wahab (Shaheed), Frontier Force Regiment, Sepoy Shakoor Hussain (Shaheed), Frontier Force Regiment, Sepoy Liquat Ali (Shaheed), Frontier Force Regiment, Sepoy Muhammad Aslam (Shaheed), Frontier Force Regiment, Sepoy Muhammad Mukhtar (Shaheed), Sind Regiment, Sepoy Ansar Ali (Shaheed), Sind Regiment, Sepoy Gulzar Ahmed (Shaheed), Sind Regiment, Sepoy Shah Muhammad (Shaheed), Sind Regiment, Sepoy Mubeen Ali (Shaheed), Sind Regiment, Signal man Saleh (Shaheed), Signals, Sepoy Abid Hussain (Shaheed), Baloch Regiment, Sepoy Ali Ahmed (Shaheed), Baloch Regiment, Sepoy Muhammad Nadeem (Shaheed), Punjab Regiment, Sepoy Muhammad Akram (Shaheed), Punjab Regiment, Recruit Ajmal (Shaheed), Punjab Regiment.
Following officers and men have been awarded with Imtiazi Sanad, Colonel Sardar Sajjad Hussain, Aviation, Lieutenant Colonel Malik Naveed Ahmed, Azad Kashmir Regiment, Lieutenant Colonel Mahmood Yusuf, Frontier Force Regiment, Major Asad Haroon, AC, Major Azeem Sajjad Dar, Punjab Regiment, Major Nauman Malik, AC, Major Shahzad Akbar, Aviation, Captain Abdul Munim Khan, Aviation, Captain Husnain Afzal Sahi, Punjab Regiment, Captain Abid Ali , Northern Light Infantry, Captain Sajid Hussain, Azad Kashmir Regiment, Captain Anss Karim Khan, AMC, Lieutenant Muhammad Ammar Basra, Baloch Regiment, Sudedar Major Zafar Ullah Khalil Mohmand, FC, Subedar Nursing Assistant Akhtar Hussain, AMC, Naib Subedar Abdul Rehman, Punjab Regiment, Havildar Muhammad Asif Khan, Baloch Regiment, Havildar Hamdard Sultan, Baloch Regiment, Havildar Atta Muhammad, Azad Kashmir Regiment, Lance Havildar Ali Naqi, Northern Light Infantry, Naik Naeem Akhtar, Punjab Regiment, Naik Mazhar, Electrical & Mechanical  Engineering, Lance Naik Ibrar Hussain, Punjab Regiment, Lance Naik Asghar Mehmood, Sind Regiment, Sepoy Akhtar Zamin, FC, Sepoy Wahab Ali Yousafzai, FC, Sepoy Yasir Mahmood, Punjab Regiment, Sepoy Ubaid Hafeez, Punjab Regiment, Sepoy Fida Hussain, Northern Light Infantry, Sepoy Shahzad Fareed, Baloch Regiment.
Following officers and men have been awarded with COAS Commendation Card, Colonel Farrukh Waseem Khan, Baloch Regiment, Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Munir Afsar, Punjab Regiment, Lieutenant Colonel Hussain Ahmed, Artillery, Lieutenant Colonel Abid Aziz, Aviation, Lieutenant Colonel Ansar Zaman, Engineers, Lieutenant Colonel Nazir Hussain, Balcoh Regiment, Lieutenant Colonel Fahim Imtiaz Abbasi, Punjab Regiment, Lieutenant Colonel Adanan Chaudhry, AC, Lieutenant Colonel Syed Zaigham Abbas Zaidi, Artillery, Lieutenant Colonel Habib Ullah, Punjab Regiment, Lieutenant Colonel Syed Wasim Akhter, Baloch Regiment, Major Omer Saddiqi, Artillery, Major Syed UNaika Ali Shah, Aviation, Major Syed Azhar Ali, Aviation, Major Muhammad Ahmad Qureshi, Artillery, Major Ahmed Jawad, Baloch Regiment, Major Asghar Mehmood, Aviation, Major Imran Sartaj, Artillery, Major Bashir Ahmed, Engineers, Major Javed Iqbal, CMI, Major Khalid Rashid Maooz, Aviation, Major Khurram Rasool, Aviation, Major Murad Ali, Punjab Regiment, Major Sajjad Ali, Baloch Regiment, Major Sajid Ilyas, Aviation, Major Muhammad Kashif Naseem, Frontier Force Regiment, Major Masud Akhtar, Baloch Regiment, Major Chaudhry Ramzan Murtaza, Army Services Corps, Major Muhammad Asfandyar Bin Naseer, Frontier Force Regiment, Major Muhammad Shahid Sohail, CMI, Major Muhammad Ali Abbas, AMC, Major Kamran Majeed, AMC, Captain Ameer Haider, Artillery, Captain Shmayal Raza, Aviation, Captain Rao Javed Iqbal, Aviation, Captain Waqar Ali Shah, Aviation, Captain Muhammad Asad, Aviation, Captain Muhammad Wasif Iqbal, Aviation, Captain Asif Majeed, Aviation, Captain Raja Ghulam Mustafa, Baloch Regiment, Captain Abdus Sami Khan, Electrical & Mechanical  Engineering, Captain Syed Ali Atif Raza Zaidi, Punjab Regiment, Captain Tariq Aziz, Artillery, Captain Muhammad Mehmood Ahmed, Sind Regiment, Captain Muhammad Rizwan Arshad, Northern Light Infantry, Captain Muhammad Idrees Durrani, Punjab Regiment, Captain Jawad Malik, Aviation, Captain Syed Furqan Farooq, Signals, Captain Muhammad Sohail, Punjab Regiment, Captain Kashif Ali, Azad Kashmir Regiment, Captain Muhammad Arif Khan, Engineers, Captain Uzair Ahmed, Balcoh Regiment, Captain Ahsan Ahmad, Electrical & Mechanical  Engineering, Lieutenant Umair Ashraf, Sind Regiment, Lieutenant Basit Saleem, Frontier Force Regiment, Lieutenant Hafiz Farooq Ahmad, Baloch Regiment, Lieutenant Umar Farooq, Baloch Regiment, Havildar Sahib Jan, Sind Regiment, Naik Zarif Khan, FC, Naveed Shabeer, Artillery, Sepoy Muhammad Haneef, Sind Regiment, Sepoy Zaheer Akhtar, Sind Regiment, Sepoy Deen Muhammad, Punjab Regiment.

Following officers have been awarded with Hilal-i-Imtiaz (Military),  Major General Tariq Jawaid, Electrical & Mechanical  Engineering, Major General Syed Jamal Shahid,  Electrical & Mechanical  Engineering, Major General Sajid Iqbal, Army Services Corps, Major General Mohammad Farrukh Rashid, Punjab Regiment, Major General Ishfaq Nadeem Ahmad, Azad Kashmir Regiment, Major General Noel Israel Khokhar, Artillery, Major General Tahir Masood, Air Defence , Major General Changez Dil Khan, AC, Major General Zamir Ul Hassan Shah, Air Defence, Major General Javed Iqbal, Sind Regiment, Major General Qamar Javed Bajwa, Baloch Regiment, Major General Sahibzada Mohammad Isfandyar Ali Khan Pataudi, AC, Major General Hamid Shafique, AMC.
Following officers Have been awarded with Sitara-i-Imtiaz (Military), Brigadier Muhammad Ramzan Shahid, TSO, Brigadier Tanvir Ahmed, ICTO, Brigadier Tariq Javed, Electrical & Mechanical  Engineering, Brigadier Muhammad Jahangir Akhtar, Engineers, Brigadier Khawar Saeed, Frontier Force Regiment, Brigadier Syed Mushtaq Ahmed, Frontier Force Regiment, Brigadier Muhammad Azam, Frontier Force Regiment, Brigadier Aamir Asghar Khan, Punjab Regiment, Brigadier Zia Ullah Anjum Bodla, Baloch Regiment, Brigadier Ataullah, Ordnance, Brigadier Muhammad Amer Akhtar Goraya, AC, Brigadier Muhammad Nazif, Artillery, Brigadier Zia Ul Qamar Raja, Army Services Corps, Brigadier Azhar Hamid, Army Services Corps, Brigadier Muhammad Ilyas Khan, Artillery, Brigadier Khalid Hanif, Punjab Regiment, Brigadier Humayun Khan, Air Dedence, Brigadier Mian Azhar Mahmud, AC, Brigadier Tahir Masood, Signals, Brigadier Farrukh Saeed, Artillery, Brigadier Hamid Usman,  Air Defence, Brigadier Raja Muhammad Rukhsar, Artillery, Brigadier Saqib Anjum , Baloch Regiment, Brigadier Nadeem Iqbal Raja, Engineers, Brigadier Gul Akhtar Rashid, Army Services Corps, Brigadier Muhammad Fiaz Iqbal, Artillery, Brigadier Syed Muhammad Sibtain Jaffery, Punjab Regiment, Brigadier Iftikhar Alam, Frontier Force Regiment, Brigadier Sajid Iqbal, Army Services Corps, Brigadier Arshad Mahmood, Engineers, Brigadier Saleem Qamar Butt, Punjab Regiment, Brigadier Muhammad Latif, Punjab Regiment, Brigadier Furqan Uddin, S Bt, Sind Regiment, Brigadier Raja Jahanzeb, Azad Kashmir Regiment, Brigadier Mrs Abida Aslam, ADC, Colonel Jamal Abdul Nasir, AC, Colonel Saghir Ahmad Khan, Artillery, Colonel Amanullah Khan, Air Defence, Colonel Eijaz Hussain, Engineers, Colonel Rashid Akhtar Satti, Signals, Colonel Sajid Naveed, Punjab Regiment, Colonel Muhammad Akmal Khan, Punjab Regiment, Colonel Shahid Iqbal, Azad Kashmir Regiment, Colonel Ali Raza Malhi, Frontier Force Regiment, Colonel Hakim Khan, CMI, Colonel Syed Basharat Ali Rizvi, Army Services Corps, Colonel Safdar Mahmood, Ordnance , Colonel Mahmood Khan Afghan, Electrical & Mechanical  Engineering, Colonel Muhammad Najam Manzoor, ICTO, Colonel Iftikhar Hussain, AMC
Following officers have been awarded with Tamgha-i-Imtiaz (Military), Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Imran Khan, AC, Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Ibrahim Khan, AC, Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Saad Farook, AC, Lieutenant Colonel Rao Tariq Siddique, AC, Lieutenant Colonel Asif Jameel, Artillery, Lieutenant Colonel  Amer Raza, Artillery, Lieutenant Colonel  Muhammad Babar, Artillery, Lieutenant Colonel Sohaib Rizwan, Artillery, Lieutenant Colonel Syed Imran Ali Shah, Artillery, Lieutenant Colonel Abdul Ghaffar Khan, Artillery, Lieutenant Colonel Shokat Pervez, Artillery, Lieutenant Colonel Gulzar Ahmad, Air Defence, Lieutenant Colonel Manzoor Ahmed, Air Defence, Lieutenant Colonel Mazhar Ahmad Chand, Sitara-i-Eisaar, Engineers, Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Mazhar Jahangir, Engineers, Lieutenant Colonel Nadir Khan Virk, Engineers, Lieutenant Colonel Abid Hussain, Sigs, Lieutenant Colonel Ahmed Naeem, Signals, Lieutenant Colonel  Saqib Mahmood Warraich, Punjab Regiment, Lieutenant Colonel Sabir Hussain, Punjab Regiment, Lieutenant Colonel Asim Zia Qureshi, Punjab Regiment, Lieutenant Colonel Syed Abid Raza, Punjab Regiment, Lieutenant Colonel Asad Mahmood, Baloch Regiment, Lieutenant Colonel Somair Waheed, Baloch Regiment, Lieutenant Colonel Ather Nasir, Baloch Regiment, Lieutenant Colonel Khalid Hussain, Baloch Regiment, Lieutenant Colonel Aziz Gul, Frontier Force Regiment, Lieutenant Colonel Manzoor Mohayyud Din, Frontier Force Regiment,  Lieutenant Colonel Jahanzeb Abbas, Frontier Force Regiment, Lieutenant Colonel Zafar Yasin, Frontier Force Regiment, Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Aurang Zeb Khan, Azad Kashmir Regiment, Lieutenant Colonel Azhar Manzoor, Azad Kashmir Regiment, Lieutenant Colonel Zahid Munir, Sind Regiment, Lieutenant Colonel Amir Nazir, Sind Regiment, Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Ashraf, Northern Light Infantry, Lieutenant Colonel Asad Hafeez, Aviation, Lieutenant Colonel Asif Iqbal Khan, Aviation, Lieutenant Colonel Noor Javed Khan, CMI, Lieutenant Colonel Adnan Aslam, CMI, Lieutenant Colonel Tariq Mahmood, Army Services Corps, Lieutenant Colonel Shafique Iqbal, Army Services Corps, Lieutenant Colonel Sajid Mahmood Awan, Ordnance, Lieutenant Colonel Zamir Ahmed Kiani, Electrical & Mechanical  Engineering, Lieutenant Colonel Javed Akhtar, TSO, Electrical & Mechanical  Engineering, Lieutenant Colonel Maqsood Ahmad, Electrical & Mechanical  Engineering, Lieutenant Colonel Farukh Mahmood, AEC, Lieutenant Colonel Rehmat Ullah, RV & FC, Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Lutaf Ullah, AMC, Lieutenant Col Shahab Ahmed, AMC, Lieutenant Colonel Imran Masoud Qasmi, AMC, Lieutenant Colonel Mrs Rahat Malik, AMC, Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Masood Khokhar, AMC, Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Abid Mushtaq, AMC, Lieutenant Colonel Iftikhar Ahmed Khan, AMC, Lieutenant Colonel Nabi Bux, AMC, Lieutenant Colonel Mrs Kalsoom Saeed, AFNS, Major Najm Us Saeed, AC, Major Muhammad Tarique, Artillery, Major Farrukh Siddique, Artillery, Major Abdul Razzaq, Air Defence, Major Anjum Saeed, Engineers, Major Shoaib Majid Dar, Signals, Major Syed Muhammad Mehdi, Punjab Regiment, Major Shahid Bashir, Punjab Regiment, Major Muhammad Athar Khan, Baloch Regiment, Major Fayyaz Ahmed Kayani, Baloch Regiment, Major Shahid Aziz Malik, Frontier Force Regiment, Major Naeem Ahmed Khan, Frontier Force Regiment, Major Asif Nawaz Khan, Azad Kashmir Regiment, Major Adnan Humayun, Azad Kashmir Regiment, Major Farooq Haider Virk, Sind Regiment, Major Imran Ali, Aviation, Major Naveed Shoukat, CMI, Major Mian Muhammad Farooq, Army Services Corps, Major Sayed Akhlaq Muhammad, Ordnance, Major Manzoor Hasan Khan, Electrical & Mechanical  Engineering, Major Abdul Sattar, AEC, Major Nabeel Ahmad Khan Toor, AMC, Major Rao Abdus Samad Khan Sajid, AMC, Major Syed Abdullah, AMC, 


Press Release
Rawalpindi - August 14, 2011: 

Armed Forces of Pakistan alongside the entire nation celebrated the 64th Independence Day of Pakistan in simple way.

The day dawned with a 31 gun salute in the Federal Capital and 21 gun salute in the Provincial Capitals. Prayers were offered for the progress, solidarity and prosperity of Pakistan. Special prayers were also offered for flood affectees in all mosques of Formations, Units and Static Installations.

Main feature of the day was the national flag hoisting ceremonies at the Joint Staff Headquarters, General Headquarters, Services Headquarters, all Corps Headquarters, Formations, Static Installations and all units of the Army, Navy and Air Force. Messages of the Services Chiefs were read out to all ranks.

At the Joint Staff Headquarters, Brigadier Ozair Ahmed hoisted the national flag and the National Anthem was played.

At the General Headquarters, Major General Khalid Mehmood hoisted the national flag and the National Anthem was played.

Earlier at midnight on 13-14 August 2011, a spectacular Azadi parade was held at the elegantly lit drill square of Pakistan Military Academy, Kakul. Chief of Army Staff (COAS), General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani was chief guest on the occasion.

A large number of people from all walks of life, senior serving and retired civil and military officials witnessed the spectacular parade at Pakistan Military Academy to mark the sixty fourth Independence Day.




A view of gun salute on the occasion of Independence Day . (14-08-2011) – Photo ISPR


A view of flag hoisting ceremony at General Headquarters today. (14-08-2011) – Photo ISPR


A view of flag hoisting ceremony at Joint Staff Headquarters today. (14-08-2011) – Photo ISPR





Press Release
Rawalpindi - August 14, 2011: 




Distinguished Guests,

Ladies and Gentlemen!

1. Please accept my heartiest felicitations on 64th anniversary of the Independence Day of Pakistan. I thank our distinguished guests for joining us tonight. Your presence has added to the grace and spirit of the Azadi Parade.

 2. Azadi Parade by Pakistan Army has become a landmark event on our National Calendar, which further strengthens our bondage with our beloved motherland. This parade reminds us of the sacrifices that made the dream of Pakistan a possibility. It also gives us a chance to renew the pledge of our commitment to Pakistan.

Ladies and Gentlemen!

3. 14th August 1947 was a historic day for the Muslims of the Subcontinent. This day is testimony to the indomitable will of the Muslims to establish a separate homeland under the inspiring leadership of Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

4. Let us, on this day, humbly thank Allah Almighty. Let us pray together that He gives us strength and wisdom to preserve and protect the ideology, solidarity, integrity and a bright future for Pakistan. We must stay committed to the ideals of Pakistan and remain ever ready to protect our motherland. I have no doubt that the challenges we face today, will only strengthen our resolve.

Ladies and Gentlemen!

5. The basis of our existence is the ‘Ideology of Pakistan’. Therefore, each one of us must endeavour to pass it on to our future generations. We have a firm belief that by following the golden principles of Islam, we shall progress and win a respectable place in the comity of nations. We should never forget that Islam is the religion of peace. This great religion is the bond that binds us together and not a force that divides us.

Ladies and Gentlemen!

6. For past Sixty Four years, the Armed Forces of Pakistan have performed their sacred duty to defend Pakistan. Our officers and soldiers have displayed great courage, determination and professional excellence in discharging their duties. The rank and file of Pakistan Army draw strength from the contributions of Pakistan Air Force, Navy, civilian law

enforcement agencies and especially the people of Pakistan. We could not have achieved this success without the resolve, commitment and perseverance displayed by the people of Pakistan.

7. Let us acknowledge and honour the sacrifices of our brave soldiers and citizens and pay tribute to their families. Their sacrifices, undoubtedly, underscore the nation’s ability and commitment to deal with any threat to the integrity, sovereignty and well being of Pakistan.

Ladies and Gentlemen!

8. Today, our challenges are far greater and complex than ever before. We have to put Pakistan firmly on the path to prosperity.

9. I have no doubt that given our National resilience, abundance of resources and above all the huge reservoir of highly talented youth; we will overcome all difficulties – We will INSHALLAH.

10. May Allah bless and protect our beloved motherland Pakistan.

 Thank You and Azadi Mubarak

Pakistan Army Zindabad

Pakistan Paindabad

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