"Never get misguided by anti state propaganda being engineered by certain anti state elms from abroad with sp of hostile foreign agencies"COAS. "We have taken oath to defend our motherland whatever cost / sacrifices. We have been, we are & we shall keep doing it. Salute to Martyrs of Pak" COAS. @OfficialDGISPR Assist Punjab Rangers in operations. Report suspicious activity / information related to terrorism in Punjab direct to Punjab Rangers on following.. Call: 04299220030/99221230 SMS: 03408880047 WhatsApp: 03408880100 Email: [email protected] Postal Address: Headquarters Pakistan Rangers Punjab. 33 Ghazi Road Lahore General Public is requested to report any suspicious activity in Punjab, Balochistan and Sind regarding terrorists at universal no 1135 and for KPK at 1125. These numbers can be dialed directly without any code from mobile or PTCL No.

Press Release
Rawalpindi - June 13, 2015: 

1. COAS-Navy Parade: Entire world endorses our security concern. Ceasefire violation, blood letting in Baluchistan, FATA, Karachi manifest enemy hostile intent.

2. Pakistan shown willingness to cooperate with other nations for peace but not at expense of our national interests, sovereign rights, national pride.

3. Ready to pay any price to protect our nationhood, safeguard interest, be it Kashmir, development of new ports, exploitation of natural resources.

4. CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor) holds enormous potential for transforming lives of region's people. Acutely aware of enemy campaigns, will defeat designs against it.

5. CPEC with Gwadar Port as its catalyst will be built & developed as one of most strategic deep sea port in the region at any cost whatsoever.

6. Entire nation expresses resolve to eliminate terror menace. Operation ZarbeAzb delivering decisive results. Terrorists resorting to desperate actions.

7. Battle vs terrorism won't be won by Armed Forces alone. Encouraging to see entire nation pursuing this national effort with great sense of purpose.


Press Release
Rawalpindi - June 13, 2015: 

One Year Update of Zarb-e-Azb

1. Zarb-e-Azb: 1 year since start,significant achievements in FATA specially NWA&Khyber. Strong holds, Communication Infrastructure, sanctuaries largely cleared.

2. Zarb-e-Azb: Op moves to last few pocketts close to Pak-Afgn border. So far 2763 terrorists killed, 837 hide out destroyed. 253 tons explosive recovered.

3. Zarb-e-Azb: 9000 IBOs apprehended thousand terrorists, abettors & killed 218 hard core terrorists in cities. 347 offrs, soldiers embraced shahdat.

4. Zarb-e-Azb: 18087 weapons including Heavy Machine Guns, Light Machine gun, sniper rifles, rocket launcher, AK-47s searched out of terrorists hide outs from NWA alone. Base denied

5. Zarb-e-Azb: Whole nation came together to totally eliminate terrorism from Pak Media, civ society playing +ve role to help end menace.

6. Zarb-e-Azb: Will continue ops for terror free Pak.Few effects; improved envmt; Chinese Pres & other dignitaries' visits, Pak-Zimb cricket, CPEC.


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