General Qamar Javed Bajwa, Chief of Army Staff (COAS), visited South Waziristan.

Rawalpindi - August 29, 2018

No PR-259/2018-ISPR

General Qamar Javed Bajwa, Chief of Army Staff (COAS), visited South Waziristan. COAS was briefed about stabilisation operations and progress of fencing along Pak-Afg Border in Waziristan at Angoor Adda. COAS appreciated quality and speed of work. ‬

Later COAS addressed combined Jirga of elders from North and South Waziristan at Wana. Tribal elders thanked COAS for restoration of peace in the area, merger of FATA into KP and ongoing efforts for socio-economic development in the area. They also assured COAS for their unflinching support to security forces and the State. They highlighted requirement for additional communication infrastructure, electricity, water, educational institutions and upgraded cellular network facilities. ‬

COAS thanked local tribal elders for their support and cooperation for the security forces. He said that peace has largely returned however few IED incidents have recently taken place in North Waziristan. He said that no conflict ends through kinetic operations alone. There is always a post operations rehabilitation and development effort. He said that while stability operations continue alongside border fencing, progress on socio-economic prong is also gaining momentum. The same shall get more attention through implementation of merger measures. COAS said that terrorism and development can’t go together therefore collectively we have to make sure that unrest doesn’t return. COAS asked all concerned especially the local population to remain vigilant as main stakeholder to retain the attained peace and stability in the area by safeguarding the environment from inimical forces who are eyeing to reverse the gains. He said that the suggestions offered by tribal elders are valid and most of these are already included in the mid to long term development plan of the government. ‬

Commander Peshawar Corps and IGFC KP (South) were also present.