•           ISPR Tribute to Father of The Nation Assist Punjab Rangers in operations. Report suspicious activity / information related to terrorism in Punjab direct to Punjab Rangers on following.. Call: 042-99220030/99221230 SMS: 0340-8880047 WhatsApp: 0340-8880100 Email: [email protected] Postal Address: Headquarters Pakistan Rangers Punjab. 33 Ghazi Road Lahore General Public is requested to report any suspicious activity in Punjab, Balochistan and Sindh regarding terrorists at universal no 1135 and for KPK at 1125. These numbers can be dialed directly without any code from mobile or PTCL No.


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Peace cup 2017

Pakistan The Land of Peace

Quaid-i-Azam, in February 1948, said, “Our foreign policy is one of friendliness and goodwill towards all nations of the world...

Indian Ceasefire violations

India, on our eastern border, has time after time chosen to demonstrate its strategic motives and iniquitous intent towards Pakistan by violating ceasefire on the Working Boundary and the Line of Control...

hybrid warfare

21st century has brought changes to the nature and character of war and thus the warfare is not restricted to the battlefield alone, rather non-military instruments and a combination of conventional and unconventional methods of war...


The year 2017 saw Pakistan’s continuing efforts for internal, regional and global peace through successfully combating the forces of terrorism and extremism. Operation Sherdil, Rah-e-Raast, Rah-e-Nijat, Khyber IV, Zarb-e-Azb, Radd-ul-Fasaad and many...

Border of Peace and Friendship

Given Pakistan’s location and capability to influence regional and extra regional stability, Pakistan offers vast opportunities but is also confronted with a host of challenges...

Interplay of Economy & Security

People of Pakistan, its Armed Forces and the Law Enforcement Agencies have been able to deny success to the forces of disorder and restore order significantly...


Pakistan’s contributions to the global war on terror are matchless and phenomenal. In the last 16 years, thousands have lost their lives in the country’s fight against the world’s most notorious terrorist groups...